Don’t Let Noise From Your Roller Shutter Drive You Crazy – Top Ways To Fix It Instantly!

There are numerous reasons why the roller shutters may seem to be noisy even when they are operating well. They may tend to be noisier as they age requiring some basic upkeep and maintenance to run efficiently but is overlooked.

So, it is important to go for roller shutter repair as soon as you notice any unusual sound or damage. However, if the sound gets too loud, there are some ways in which you can improve it. Read on and you will know!

roller shutter

Quick tips for noisy roller shutters by Roller Shutter Repair London

  • Check the guides for any damage. Sometimes, even small dent in it may create pinch point for door travel adding noise and load.
  • Intermediate slats are typically fitted with nylon slat clips. It helps to keep metal slat away from the guide and to reduce noise. So, check out for any missing or broken guide and ensure to replace them to reduce noise.
  • Some of the shutters can respond to lubrication of guides in order to reduce metal wear and tear as well as noise. However, it is recommended to call a roller shutter repair technician before your applying.
  • Get spring tension checked on door. An out of balance or under tensioned door may operate under load and can generate noise for motor and guides.
  • Check out for damaged slats.

If you are really exposed to loud noise frequently in your workplace or home, it may damage your ears leading to other issues. So, follow the above suggestions well to prevent from such consequences.

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