Explore Different Places Along With Self Catering Cottage In Wadebridge

Beautiful landscapes, heart throbbing adventure parks, modern spa, exotic resort and much more places to explore is what Wadebridge offers you. It’s a beautiful town in Cornwall England which is offering a number of exotic places to visit. Therefore, just pack your bag and move to this stunning town. But be sure that you have already booked a self catering cottage in Wadebridge for availing unique travel experience with world class accommodation services. The holiday cottages here are well equipped and provide you an opportunity to enjoy a home like stay.

From fancy parks to historic museums, Wadebridge has lots of things to offer to you as well as your family. Here, you can discover hidden travel treasures like historical museums, castles, world heritage sites along with chronological houses. Be sure that you haven’t missed any place of Wadebridge right from St Michael’s Mount to Tintagel castle. Few must-to-see places in Wadebridge are given below

Camel Creek Adventure Park

Whether you are adventurous or not, this park definitely offers you to enjoy its heart-throbbing rides and other activities. This park is built in 111 acres of green lush land along countryside. From family-friendly rides to animal encountering, this park offers lots of things to do. It’s the best park for adventure lovers of all the ages due to its numerous indoor as well as outdoor entertaining activities. Along with this, you can also enjoy other activities like wave rider, Meerkat Magic, Downpour Derby, Berg Bikes etc. Last but unquestionably not the least; don’t forget to enjoy leafcutter ant’s show.

Sir John Betjeman Walk

Are you a lover of nature? Great, this attention-grabbing place is the best option for you. Sir John Betjeman Walk is well known seashore that stretches more than 4 miles under the blue sky with crystal clear sand along with countless miles of shoreline. There are numerous hotels in addition to beaches nearby this place including rock beach, The Metropole hotel, Harbour cove beach, Rich Steins Café as well as so on.

FlowRider Retallack Spa and Resort

Do you love wave surfing? This place allows people to surf each day under any whether condition. No matter whether you are a newcomer or a professional wave surfer, this place definitely thrills you from inside due to its 3-inches deep water with constant waves. You can enjoy any sort of boarding in FlowRider Retallack Spa and Resort right from Snowboarding to skateboarding under safe environment.