Factors that Make Locum Work an Ideal Choice

Switching from a permanent job as a veterinarian to locum work can prove to be daunting for many people. Not to mention that the curiosity of the career shift has likely brought about a long list of pros and of course scary cons shared by colleagues with experience. For those who are looking into switching to locum veterinary jobs, there is a multitude of fantastic rewards and benefits to look into.


Easily one of the biggest perks of locum jobs is the freedom that comes with it. Those who opt for this type of employment get to pick where and when to work, which is something not many regular jobs allow you to do. This same freedom also permits you to take the time off or schedule your other commitments easily without needing to wait for your holiday request to be approved by human resources. Furthermore, this allows you the flexibility to take in as much work or as little as you desire.


Compared to permanent work, locum veterinary jobs are always in demand. Less time is spent sitting around filing paperwork and waiting to be called in for potential work. Most locum jobs get called in within days.


Many veterinary practitioners are often surprised to find that locuming can in fact open more opportunities, career wise. Some examples include teaching opportunities or providing additional training to students or junior doctors. This generates additional income, experience and is a perfect addition to beef up your CV.


Many people find that work becomes boring over time due to the repetitive routines. Locum work lets you mix your workload thus keeping days more interesting.

Good Pay

It is a well known fact that the majority of veterinary doctors who work locum get paid higher hourly rates than a regular or permanent vet. The easiest way to earn more each month is to simply have more shifts booked. Giving you more control over your earnings.

Guest post by www.vetseekers.co.uk